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Series devices


In addition to the project business, in which our feeding systems are manufactured as individual units or in small series, we offer the development and manufacture of feeding systems suitable for series production.

Feeding systems suitable for series production differ significantly in many respects from feeding systems that are produced once or only in small quantities. Experience shows that their development can extend over several years. During this time, we accompany our customers step by step, from the first functional sample to the validation and release of the series device. The quality in the processes during series production is guaranteed by our quality management system just as it is by our motivated and experienced team. 

The application areas of such feeding systems are multifaceted. Sorting and feeding stations are often used as standard in diagnostic devices in the pharmaceutical industry. The scope of delivery is determined in each case by the customer itself. The unit can consist of a spiral conveyor and the associated conveying bowl, or as a complete feeding system with a refilling device, a bowl, a linear section and a separation.

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